It's getting chilly out there, so it's time to bring out the knitwear. When you get it out, is it still something you're proud to wear, or is it looking a bit tired or dated? The chances are you might find you're in need of some new winter woollies, and the good news is that there's plenty to choose from, but you need to make sure whatever you buy suits you in order to get maximum cost per wear from it.

But how do you know what suits you? Well, there are various factors to consider, but firstly you need to consider your body shape...

Neat Hourglass – go for fairly fitted jumpers or crossover styles in a light to medium weight and texture. Avoid baggy styles as they’ll make you appear bigger.

Full Hourglass – soft, fine knits that drape well and are shaped work best. Avoid anything too chunky or baggy. Again, crossover styles work well on you. Try V-neck or jewel necklines.

This Merino Crossover from Kettlewell Colours will suit both hourglass figures well:


Triangle/Pear – Details such as ruffles and slogans as well as patterns on jumpers, especially horizontal stripes work particularly well on you, (like this one from M&S below), drawing the eye to your upper half and therefore balancing your body shape.

Medium- heavy weight fabrics and texture work well. Light knits worn layered are also flattering.

Avoid raglan sleeves and anything tight fitting. Make sure the jumper finishes either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom. You could also try boat or slash necklines.


Oval/Apple – Go for soft, fluid knits that hang well from the shoulders and skim your stomach. Stiff or thick fabrics will only add volume where you least want it. Keep the lines simple and avoid any details below the bust line or above the hip line.


Rectangle – Again, you must keep the lines simple and uncluttered. Avoid soft, floppy and fluffy fabrics as well as bulky fabrics which will hide your shape. Minimal texture or ribbed works well like this Cream Scoop neck ribbed knit from M&S.

Geometric patterns also work really well on your body shape, in particular vertical stripes and checks. Never tuck jumpers in.


Inverted Triangle/Athletic – As a straighter body shape, you must also opt for a simple, clean and uncluttered silhouette. So avoid any frills or flounces.

However, you must also avoid any details on the shoulders so avoid buttons or any other details here or the cold shoulder styles. Ribbed jumpers work well on you. Raglan sleeves are also flattering, as per this one from Max Mara.

Max Mara from John Lewis

As well as body shape, necklines and textures, you should also think about colour and pattern.

Winter always brings a lot of black, grey and navy, but there is plenty of colour around too! Look for shades that flatter you and that you will enjoy wearing.


Get a patterned knit to make a statement. Make sure it’s a pattern that compliments your style and figure and one that you really like as you will hopefully wear it for a few winters.

So when thinking about your newest addition to your knitwear, there's quite a lot to consider. Whatever you choose, make sure your knits are stylish and colourful and not just something to keep out the cold.

And of course, if you need any help, you know where to come.


So Autumn is finally here and although it’s still quite warm some days, now is the time to start thinking about coats and jackets for the months ahead. When you’re investing in a winter coat, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you get maximum cost per wear and you look your very best.

Body shape

Are you curvy with a defined waist? Or do you have a straighter body shape without much waist definition? If you are curvier and have a waist, make sure it’s not hidden. Ensure there is some shaping to your coats and jackets; that they’re not a boxy shape. Straighter body shapes can opt for straighter styles.

Consider the fabric too. Curvier body shapes need softer fabrics that drape well over curves. If a fabric is too stiff it will again hide your shape. Anything hiding the fact you have a waist will only make you look bigger than you are. If a coat has some sort of belt or tie at the waist, use it to define your waist. If you don’t have a waist or feel self-conscious with it fastened, try tying it at the back.

Ted Baker


This is a combination of your height and the size of your bone structure. If you’re quite petite, don’t go for fabrics that are too heavy or bulky and avoid too much volume as this could swamp you. Any details such as buttons, lapels, patterns etc should be kept smaller and more delicate. Conversely, if you’re larger in scale and height, heavier, bulkier fabrics will work better on you. Go for larger, bolder patterns, and bigger lapels and buttons.

Thought Clothing

Style Personality

This will dictate the style of coat you choose without you even really thinking about it. For example, Creatives will love this embroidered coat from Boden..


Dramatics will go for something more like this leopard print faux fur coat from Sosander...


or perhaps a bolder colour...


And Classics will much prefer a more understated single breasted coat in a neutral colour.



If you love a neutral like the Classics / City Chics, you will love a coat in a beautifully understated neutral that goes with many items in your wardrobe. Just try to avoid black, it can be very draining for many colouring types and there so many other great neutrals, (such as taupe, chocolate brown, camel, many different greys, olive, rust, pewter), that it’s worth trying something new.

However, if you prefer more colour you might like something bolder like red, purple, or even yellow, just be sure that whatever colour you choose is in your most flattering shade.



If you plan to wear your coat over a skirt or dress, think about whether or not you’re happy for the skirt or dress to be longer than your coat. If you plan to wear it over anything that shows the shape of your legs (e.g. shorter skirts or skinny jeans/leggings), ensure the coat hem doesn’t finish at an unflattering part of your leg, e.g. the widest point on your calves.

So follow these tips when you decide it's time to shop for your winter coat, and if you would like more help in choosing a coat or any style of clothing to flatter you, please get in touch.

Although many clients like to begin with a Colour Analysis, most find that they then only have half the story when it comes to looking and feeling their absolute best. A Style Consultation is the other half.

The Full Image Makeover provides you with all the knowledge you need to shop for your body shape, proportions, scale, height and your colouring with confidence. It will also include and make-up lesson and take into account your lifestyle, personality and budget when considering where and how to shop, and how to begin creating a wardrobe that works for you that you can enjoy using every day.

This is my most popular service for women because it combines my three core services of Colour, Style and Make-up to give you the complete image makeover.

I will give you all the advice you need from choosing your best colours in clothes and make-up to understanding your body shape and how to shop for styles that flatter you and your personality. A Full Image Makeover will give you all the advice you need to enhance and enjoy your personal image.

Colour Analysis - you will discover which shades suit your colouring and how to wear them.

Style Consultation - you will be shown the best styles for your body shape and your personal tastes as well as how to co-ordinate them.

Make-up Lesson - you will find out your best make-up shades and receive essential advice on application techniques and how to make your make-up last longer, together with advice for special occasions.

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