It's getting chilly out there, so it's time to bring out the knitwear. When you get it out, is it still something you're proud to wear, or is it looking a bit tired or dated? The chances are you might find you're in need of some new winter woollies, and the good news is that there's plenty to choose from, but you need to make sure whatever you buy suits you in order to get maximum cost per wear from it.

But how do you know what suits you? Well, there are various factors to consider, but firstly you need to consider your body shape...

Neat Hourglass – go for fairly fitted jumpers or crossover styles in a light to medium weight and texture. Avoid baggy styles as they’ll make you appear bigger.

Full Hourglass – soft, fine knits that drape well and are shaped work best. Avoid anything too chunky or baggy. Again, crossover styles work well on you. Try V-neck or jewel necklines.

This Merino Crossover from Kettlewell Colours will suit both hourglass figures well:


Triangle/Pear – Details such as ruffles and slogans as well as patterns on jumpers, especially horizontal stripes work particularly well on you, (like this one from M&S below), drawing the eye to your upper half and therefore balancing your body shape.

Medium- heavy weight fabrics and texture work well. Light knits worn layered are also flattering.

Avoid raglan sleeves and anything tight fitting. Make sure the jumper finishes either above or below the widest point of your hips and bottom. You could also try boat or slash necklines.


Oval/Apple – Go for soft, fluid knits that hang well from the shoulders and skim your stomach. Stiff or thick fabrics will only add volume where you least want it. Keep the lines simple and avoid any details below the bust line or above the hip line.


Rectangle – Again, you must keep the lines simple and uncluttered. Avoid soft, floppy and fluffy fabrics as well as bulky fabrics which will hide your shape. Minimal texture or ribbed works well like this Cream Scoop neck ribbed knit from M&S.

Geometric patterns also work really well on your body shape, in particular vertical stripes and checks. Never tuck jumpers in.


Inverted Triangle/Athletic – As a straighter body shape, you must also opt for a simple, clean and uncluttered silhouette. So avoid any frills or flounces.

However, you must also avoid any details on the shoulders so avoid buttons or any other details here or the cold shoulder styles. Ribbed jumpers work well on you. Raglan sleeves are also flattering, as per this one from Max Mara.

Max Mara from John Lewis

As well as body shape, necklines and textures, you should also think about colour and pattern.

Winter always brings a lot of black, grey and navy, but there is plenty of colour around too! Look for shades that flatter you and that you will enjoy wearing.


Get a patterned knit to make a statement. Make sure it’s a pattern that compliments your style and figure and one that you really like as you will hopefully wear it for a few winters.

So when thinking about your newest addition to your knitwear, there's quite a lot to consider. Whatever you choose, make sure your knits are stylish and colourful and not just something to keep out the cold.

And of course, if you need any help, you know where to come.


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